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Do or Die

Loaded into Flanagan's Harp and Fiddle during a soaking burst of rain.

CJ Crowe. Outtake from a shoot for Bethesda Magazine. Wet. Wild. Fun.

We both discovered that we lived in Baltimore, and had a space to shoot up there, if we had wanted it. That would have been nice, considering the ever-diligent and hardworking Parking Nazis of Bethesda.

I was setting up for my assignment, which called for portraits on white seamless, and noticed this nook in the back room.  Since CJ is a mystery writer (of sorts), I thought it made a good setting for a more intimate portrait. We made a quick shot, complete with many props (thoughtfully supplied by CJ) and some added refreshment we borrowed from Dan, our bartender. 

CJ is the creator and the brains behind Do or Die Productions. Check 'em out sometime!