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Nobody Bothers Greg Maye

Another outtake from a recent shoot for Bethesda Magazine . Greg was very generous with his time, and I put him (and myself) through the paces. Thank you, Greg. Thank you.

Aside from being the owner of Positive Impact Martial Arts , he is also an entrepreneur, actor, model, and mentor. In that spirit, I appreciated Greg's willing collaboration. We started off with a suit and tie, to emphasize Greg's business presence. Of course, when I saw the shiny red gloves, it was time to kick it up a notch. We ended up putting him in full martial arts attire, and adding a ton of props throughout. The variety of choices should please the Art Director, who will then silhouette and reposition into the final layout for that page.

I like to get to know any subject as soon and as much as possible. That was not possible on this day, as Greg continued to teach class after class, while I was setting up the studio in the other half of his spacious digs. As the hours rolled on, we shot during breaks, and got little pieces of his story. The guy has a lot on his plate, bother personally and professionally. I really admired the way he managed to stay calm through all of it. He gets some great help from his assistant, Jae, who does many things (efficiently and humbly, I should add) behind-the-scenes.

Many thanks to both Greg and Jae for staying much longer than we anticipated. They trusted me enough to allow me to lock up, since I was still packing the gear at 10pm. We could have been done much earlier, but without an assistant, and wanting to do the very best I could, I brought all my gear and broke it out without hesitation. Cleanup is never fun, but it gives you time for reflection. This shoot felt like it had gone right.